Baseball Gear by Under Armour ™.   Cold weather baseball clothing. Heat gear, cold weather leggings, turtle neck.  The apparel the Pro's wear underneath when they play and train. Get your form fitting second skin and keep warm when you need it most.



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Under Armour UA0011
Cold Gear Crew Neck


Under Armour UA0025-1
Turf Gear Leggings


Under Armour UA0026
Heat Gear Compression Shorts

Under Armour Turf Gear UA0032G
'Grippie' Long Sleeve Shirt
-Second Skin" fabric designed to repel moisture.


Under Armour UA0039
Heat Gear Full T-Shirt

Under Armour All Season UA0044
Mock Turtleneck


Under Armour Cold UA0012
Gear Mock Turtleneck

Under Armour Cold Gear UA0025-2
Cold Weather Leggings


Under Armour UA0032
Turf Gear Long Sleeve Turf Shirt


Under Armour Heat Gear UA0037
Half Shirt 'Shorty'


Under Armour UA0038
Heat Gear Sleeveless T-Shirt

Under Armour All Season Gear UA0043
Sleeveless Mock Turtleneck

Under Armour UA0055
Snow Gear 'Skippy' Shirt

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